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Due to the consequences caused by much uncontrolled usage of certain types of drugs, states have been waging a serious war against these types of substances. Unfortunately, officials of the law can get too eager and can preemptively accuse someone without having actual evidence to support the claim. You can be unfairly charged, and due to a predisposed stereotype to deal harshly in drug crimes, your judge and jury might be quick to declare you guilty for something you did not even commit.

If you or a loved one have been unjustly accused of this serious crime, you must immediately reach out to Bloomfield Law Group. Our Oakland County drug crime lawyers are very experienced at handling these types of cases, defending you so that you do not have to face severe consequences.

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Types of Drug Charges We Defend

Recently, several hundreds of drugs have become regulated even more heavily under the federal government's Controlled Substances Act, along with individual states' laws. Whether you have been accused of simply possessing any form of controlled substance, transporting large amounts of prescription drugs, or manufacturing marijuana that is not for the use of legal, medicinal purposes, you can face extremely severe penalties, both in terms of federal and state punishments.

Some drugs are viewed as being more destructive than others, so being found with even the smallest amounts of these controlled substances can result in even harsher penalties.

These drugs which Michigan prosecutors are especially eager to accuse defendants of include:

  • Prescription opioids, like OxyContin, which have been received and transported illegally

  • Methamphetamines

  • MDMA and other designed drugs

  • Any products containing cannabis or marijuana that is not medicinal but grown illegally

  • Synthetic and fentanyl opioids

  • Athletic and mental performance enhancers or steroids

Penalties for Drug Crimes in the State of Michigan

Michigan is well known for having some of the harshest consequences for those charged of drug crimes. Depending on whether you have been accused of possessing, trafficking, distributing, manufacturing, or utilizing drugs, you might face a different sentence, and of course, the type of drug can influence your conviction as well.

Regardless of your exact charge, however, the usual case is that judges and juries are automatically less likely to listen to those accused of drug crimes, and you could be forced to unfairly pay for a crime you never committed. Even possessing a drug like MDMA for the first time could result in two years spent in prison with the fine of a $2,000, while a second accusation could result in a felony, requiring up to 15 years served in prison and up to $250,000 as a fine.

Get Aggressive Defense Immediately

On account of the overwhelming bias that often occurs in drug-related crimes, we are extremely aware of how crucial it is for defendants to get the protection of determined defense attorneys right away. Do not leave your fate to chance, but immediately take charge of your situation by getting the support of one of our experienced Oakland County drug crime attorneys.

Contact us now at (248) 243-6610 so that the Bloomfield Law Group can aggressively defend your cause, for the freedom and justice you deserve.

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