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One of the amendments in the Bill of Rights that many independent Americans value tremendously is the right to bear arms. Although there has always been controversy about what this right entails, each state's duty is to subscribe the exact boundaries for its citizens in entailing how they can use, carry, and purchase guns.

Michigan has its own expansive set of guidelines, restrictions, and rules which are constantly being adapted. Due to the shifting procedures that take place, it is often easy for alleged defendants or victims to be confused about different circumstances. Very often, criminal charges for guns are transformed from minor confusions into major ordeals, do not distinguish between self-defense or assault, or in some cases, are completely false. Let our Oakland County gun crime attorneys at the Bloomfield Law Group defend you today.

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Consequences for Gun Offenses

There are numerous specifications and provisions for firearms within the state of Michigan, which only complicates the process of also holding to federal laws for guns. The penalties for being convicted of a gun law are also numerous, and extremely stringent, allowing for no grace despite the challenging and confusing subsets of gun rights in different locations.

Not only are the punishments quite high in terms of severity, but they also leave you with grim consequences to suffer long after. Add any complications of additional allegations, such as a robbery where the alleged defendants were armed, and the penalties can triple instantly.

Just a few of the penalties you might receive for being accused of a gun offense include:

  • Deprivation of owning a gun long term or indefinitely
  • Extremely high fines and fees for court costs
  • Extended time being incarcerated in prison or jail
  • Loss of your position or profession
  • Loss of your job and career
  • Permanent criminal records
  • Potentially having your visa or green card revoked, your immigration status altered, and even being deported back to your original country

Defense Against Gun Crimes Charges

Being charged with a gun crime can feel like a debilitating blow because it can have such long-term damage. This is exactly why it is so essential to have our experienced attorneys at your side. We have both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the law to defend you with the most effective methods and strategies.

Some of the types of defenses we have made that have been extremely successful for our clients revolve around:

  • The actual motivation for carrying the gun

  • The functionality of the gun in question, due to age or performance

  • If the alleged defendant personally owned the weapon, or whether the weapon was actually in their possession at the time

  • Whether the weapon was even loaded at the time

Time Is of the Essence

On account of the extremely high penalties that can be forced upon you even for mere confusions about the complexities of gun control laws in the U.S., it is essential you consult with our Oakland County gun crime attorneys as soon as possible.

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