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If you are an individual who has come to face the unfortunate circumstance of being charged with an OWI in the state of Michigan, you need to immediately seek the guidance, support, and legal advocacy of our determined and talented criminal defense team at Bloomfield Law Group. In the state of Michigan, having any significant amount of alcohol in your system – or being wrongfully accused of having this amount in your system – can result in drastic, long-term consequences. You could lose your driver’s license and spend extensive months or years in jail and be forced to pay high fines.

Never leave your defense to chance, but get in touch with our OWI attorneys in Oakland County as soon as possible. Everyone deserves to have their constitutional rights protected through the opportunity to have a fair trial.

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OWI Charges in the State of Michigan

Being charged with a case of drunk driving is a terrible claim that will have dramatically negative influences on all aspects of your life, from your job and career opportunities to your professional and personal reputation to even your relationships. In addition to all of these problems, it will be a permanent stain on your driving record.

The Michigan Vehicle code says that any adult with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is over the level of 0.08 cannot drive, while those who are younger than the age of 21 must have a blood alcohol content level under 0.02. While this rule is clear, other rules are quite murky. Having an OWI has come to be even more dangerous than the normal DUI. Formerly, a "DUI" referred to explicitly driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. An OWI, or "Operating While Intoxicated," can now refer to simply having too high alcohol content in your system even if you are just sitting in your car without moving, since you are technically still in "operation" of your car.

Factors That Increase OWI Penalties

No matter the circumstance, OWIs are a serious offense and come with severe penalties. The following circumstances can lead to even more severe penalties for and OWI offense:

  • Having a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle.
  • Having a BAC level of .17 of higher
  • Causing injury or death.
  • Having previous DUI offenses.

The Costs of OWI

All of the fees, fines, and costs of OWIs amount to a sizable figure that can cripple those who are forced to pay them all.

Just a few examples of the innumerable fees you will need to pay include:

  • Bail from jail – In order to be released from your arrest, you will have to pay a bail that is determined by the judge and varies greatly if the defendant has a lengthy prior criminal history

  • Costs within the court – You could be forced to pay $25 to $1500, all dependent on how you have been represented to the jury.

  • Fines – Usually a first-time events results in having to pay about $1,600, but a second accusation can lead to a $4,000 fine, and $10,000 for a third conviction.

  • Education course for alcohol – These often cost at least $50 and up, depending on the specific classes that the judge sentences.

Aggressive Defense

The costs listed above do not even begin to account for the damages suffered by losing your employment or dream career because of false accusations, nor do they mention the high transportation and insurance costs you will face from being wrongfully accused. This is why you should not hesitate to get aggressive advocacy from the Bloomfield Law Group.

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